True Warden Armor Addon (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: TrueCowboy Nov 17, 2023

The Skulk items seem way too useless right now? Try out the True Warden Armor mcpe addon, and craft some of the most visually appealing armor sets with unique abilities!

True Warden Armor Addon (1.20 ,1.19) MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

True Warden Armor Minecraft Addon

The Wild 1.19 official Minecraft update introduced the new mob called the Warden, and Sculk blocks. The Sculk block itself is a very useful block. Its abilities are similar to those of the Observer block. But instead of sending signals upon detecting a change in front of it, it sends signals through a change in the audio queue.

True Warden Armor mcpe

There are various other Sculk-related blocks all leading to the Warden, but aside from the audio-detecting Sculk block, all you have are decoration blocks (as if we did not have enough already). The True Warden Armor Minecraft mcpe addon changes this completely. This addon allows users to utilize the Sculk blocks and craft the True Warden armor set!

True Warden Armor minecraft

The True Warden armor set easily has the coolest textures and models in the entire game. It also features some unique effects for each piece of armor!

Given below are all the details of the new armor set.

  • The new armor is completely survival-compatible and can be crafted with vanilla blocks.
  • The True Warden helmet gives you 2 permanent effects Water Breathing and Night Vision.
  • The chest plate gives Fire Protection 1 and one point of knockback resistance.
  • The leggings give an additional point of knockback resistance. Both the chest plate and legging combined almost completely block the knockback of most mobs.
  • And the boots turn all Sculk Veins that you walk on, into Experience. This effect does not work on all Sculk blocks, but “Sculk Veins” specifically.
  • All effects will stay as long as you keep the armor on.


The True Warden Armor addon finally gives the Sculk items and blocks some more utility. If you are tired of playing Minecraft updates that introduce new resources that do essentially nothing, then addons like these are perfect for you. Enjoy the powerful Warden armor!


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True Warden Armor mcpe addon

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