Txyme’s Cottagecore

Author: Parzival_, thyme May 24, 2023

Aren’t you sick and tired of looking at super unrealistic and bland mobs/items/block textures that have almost never gotten any changes? With Txyme’s Cottagecore mcpe texture pack, you can get a brand-new look on lots of items, blocks, and mobs! Make everything soft and cute just like it was supposed to be!

Txyme’s Cottagecore

Txyme’s Cottagecore Texture Pack Minecraft

Minecraft is mostly known for its iconic pixelated and blocky set of graphics and visuals. In most other 3D first-person perspective games, pixelated graphics would be a con, but Minecraft has its own magic. All the art and everything on the visual side has been made quite well, but everyone can probably agree that some of the textures can seem way too bland.

Txyme’s Cottagecore 2023

Luckily, today we have for you the perfect texture pack that will fix all the bland textures; Txyme’s Cottagecore Minecraft texture pack. This texture pack offers several new textures for various items, blocks, and even mobs. New looks can be quite an incentive to play the game again, and it also adds some flavor to the game. The items and mobs that do get a new texture act the same in the game, in turn, your game will be considered Vanilla. This means you can add other texture packs on top of this too! Here is what Txyme’s Cottagecore pe texture pack contains.

  • New cottage-core styled textures for various items such as slime balls, buckets: milk, empty, feather, egg, honeycomb, and many more!
  • Cottage-core textures for blocks are also added like slime blocks, lilypads, red mushrooms, brown mushrooms, honey blocks, etc.
  • And finally, the most impressive textures, also cottage-core themed, are those of the mobs. Bees, cows, chickens, rabbits, mooshrooms, foxes, sheep. These are just some of the mobs with new and improved textures and looks!
Txyme’s Cottagecore mcpe pe


The Txyme’s Cottagecore texture pack is perfect for all sorts of Minecraft players, whether you are an og player or new to Minecraft. The new looks on every item, block, and mob are very fitting and seem original since they make sense. Download Txyme’s Cottagecore texture pack mcpe now, and add the missing flavor your world deserves!

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