Utility Vehicles Addon (1.20 ,1,19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Author: ashminggu Jul 10, 2023

Highly detailed vehicles with absolute color customization with a built in paint mechanic, the Utility Vehicles Minecraft addon is exactly what you need! Enjoy driving 13 different vehicles including sedans, trucks, sports sedans, motorcycles, and pick ups. The hyper realistic and high quality sound effects are sure to get you excited for playing Minecraft again!

Utility Vehicles Addon (1.20 ,1,19) - MCPE/Bedrock - Minecraft PE & Mods

Utility Vehicles Addon MCPE

There are countless vehicle mods and addons for Minecraft at this point. Some even have good mechanics and good vehicle models, sound effects, etc. But the Utility Vehicles addon pe is an addon on a whole new level.

If you like playing Minecraft with various mods that do not exactly change the course of your Minecraft experience, but instead add some cool tweaks to the game such as different combat, new armor sets. And in this case, new movement options or rather, transportation options. Then you should definitely try the Utility Vehicles mcpe addon.

Utility Vehicles addons


The amount of detail that has been put into the vehicle models alone is quite literally insane. At first glance, the models look like they are from another game completely! But the detail is not limited to the models alone, all sound effects, mechanics, and even customization is top notch.

Let’s have a look at the features that are offered by the Utility Vehicles Addons.

  • 13 utility vehicles are available as of right now.
  • Every vehicle type, for example sedan or truck, has many variants to let players choose one that is to their liking.
  • Additionally, there is an advanced coloring system for each vehicle called PaintMatic™, and it lets players color their cars with a lot of detail.
  • Each car model has been made with a lot of detail itself.
  • Unique sound effects like engine start up, door opening and closing, etc.
Utility Vehicles addon mcpe


In conclusion, there is quite literally no other mod or Minecraft addon that can even try to come on par with the amount of detail and art work the Utility Vehicles Minecraft addon has on all its vehicles. When combined with the color customization and advanced mechanics, this is easily a top tier must use Minecraft addon!


Utility Vehicles addon pe 2023

Compatible Version

1.20 - 1.19+

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