Wasteland Apocalypse 2.2.1

Author: The WTFverse Apr 5, 2023

Experience a completely desolated wasteland in Minecraft with the Wasteland Apocalypse addon. Here’s what you can expect to see!

Wasteland Apocalypse

Minecraft has fallen victim to an apocalypse. You’ll be fighting off in a randomly-generated desolated world where everything has been laid to waste in the Wasteland Apocalypse addon MCPE. As a survivor, you have one goal, to survive.

By installing the Wasteland Apocalypse addon, you’ll add new mobs, new biomes and in general, an unforgiving world that will throw a completely new thematic challenge down your road.

The Desolation in Wasteland Apocalypse Minecraft Download

In your newly installed Wasteland Apocalypse addon download, you’ll find biomes with dead grass and dead trees, ruins of old buildings, and scorched lands burnt by fires. The creator has done a wonderful job of capturing the theme of hopelessness. Resources will be scarce but enough for you to survive in these dangerous lands.

Dangerous and Giant Mobs

The Wasteland Apocalypse addon free download adds giant new mobs to fit the theme. You’ll find giant cockroaches, wasteland crawlers, cave crawlers, blood wings, tube worms and even scorpions running about. If you don’t deal with them aptly, they might make you pay with your life.

New Points of Interest

Within scorched lands and different biomes, you’ll find small covered areas with treasure essential for your survival. Your main purpose? Build your safehouse and gather whatever you can from these abandoned settlements to be able to live and see another day.

To be able to play the Wasteland Apocalypse MCPE download, you’ll have to get it on your device and open the .mcpack or .mcworld files. Import them to your Minecraft and then create a new world with the Wasteland addon selected.

You can get the Wasteland Apocalypse addon free on all versions of Minecraft; iOS, Android, and Windows. Feel free to give your game a new makeover with this dark and gritty look on any version of the game that you have!

Compatible Version

1.19.50 - 1.19.40 - 1.19.30 - 1.19.20 - 1.19.10 - 1.19

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