Weird TNT Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Author: Villagecool Dec 6, 2023

Weird TNT Addon Mods Minecraft PE Download Free players to craft and ignite many types of TNTs with not only damage but weird, strange effects accompanied with as well.

Weird TNT Addon 1.20 - Minecraft PE/Bedrock Mods

Weird TNT Addon: Ignite the Minecraft World with the Wackiest TNTs

A TNT is a block used to destroy any terrain or area due to its power. Most of the TNT mods often offer plenty TNTs to meet that criterion. But what if there’s an existing mod that offers not only damage but also some kind of interesting effects? The Weird TNT Minecraft addon is what you’re looking for!

Basically, those Weird TNT Mod Minecraft items are ignited by flint and steel just like others. But what makes it stand out is its random outcome. Let’s have a look!

First of all, to get all of these coolest TNTs, you need an artillery table which is made by the crafting table and one TNT. Here’s the list of highlight items:

  • Fake grass TNT: This TNT is the perfect one in case you want to fool your friends. It looks exactly like a grass block so you can replace grass with it and wait for your friends to step on it. Fake grass TNT can be crafted with one TNT and one grass block.
  • Fart TNT: The fact that fart TNT causes 0 damage when exploding. But its fart cloud subsequently will hurt nearby mobs. This item also comes up with a real fart sound. Fart TNT is made out of dragon breath and a TNT.
  • Laser light show TNT: This TNT looks super cool with its laser light. Laser light show TNT will explode after showing a performance of a funky song and multicolor lasers. This one is made from 4 TNTs and a nether star.
  • Random TNT: its name says it all, this TNT will explode with random power. Random TNT is available in the artillery table so there’s no recipe so far.
  • Running TNT: Running TNT is made from a stick and a TNT. There’s nothing special about its look until you hit it, its legs will appear and you will have no idea where it explodes. Imagine placing tons of Running TNT around and starting a game, we hope you’ll be ok.

This mod also contains lots of wacky TNT, on the other hand, there’s Weird TNT mod PE as well in case you get your Minecraft on a mobile phone. Without further ado, let’s download and experience the new TNTs. Happy exploding!Villagecool

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