X-Ray Texture Pack

Author: GOD.SWAGAT May 26, 2023

Does Minecraft seem a little too slow at times? Especially when you start off with a new world. Crafting new gear and items to progress can sometimes seem impossible right? Not with the X-Ray texture pack bedrock! See through blocks and locate every ore around you! Progress faster than ever before!

X-Ray Texture Pack

X-Ray Texture Pack Minecraft

Sometimes playing on your main Minecraft world can get a bit boring, and you decide to start a new journey and create a new world. But that gets boring even quicker! It can be quite tedious to progress at times, especially if you are unlucky when it comes to finding diamonds. And when you do find them, you end up burning them in lava or fall in it! It is indeed the worst feeling ever!

X Ray texture pack berock

But what if you never had to face any of these problems when you go mining? With the X-Ray texture pack mcpe that we have for you today, you will never have to deal with any of them again!

Get your hands on all the rare ores including diamonds and even ancient debris in the nether, with 0 effort! Let's look at exactly what the X-Ray pe texture pack has to offer.

  • See through any solid block except all ores. Makes it super easy to locate ores such as diamond, gold, iron, etc accurately.
  • Navigating through the underground world of Minecraft including caves or even if you are vein mining.
  • If you have any other X-ray packs, delete them, and then apply this one to use seamlessly.
  • It may seem very dark at first, but turn on smooth lighting and use a potion of night vision, and you will see ores hundreds of blocks away clearly!
X Ray mcpe


If you are sick and tired of vein mining and making long trips back to the surface for extra supplies. Then download the X-Ray mcpe texture pack now. Searching for diamonds will be out of the equation completely! But do be careful with this texture pack in multiplayer, as this is considered cheating in some servers, so use with caution, and enjoy!


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